MEWP Familiarization

  MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) FAMILIARIZATION All properly trained personnel who are directed and authorized to operate an aerial work platforms shall ensure, prior to use, that they are familiarized with the aerial platform to be used unless they have been provided with familiarization on the same model. Machine specific familiarization is required in …

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Close Calls

A “close call” or accident without injury is easy to shrug off and forget. But, there is a danger in brushing off accidents that don’t hurt, harm or damage. When a “close call” happens, it should immediately send up a red warning flag that something was wrong, unplanned, unexpected, and could happen again. The next …

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Personal Experience Sharing

Hello Team, The most impactful safety discussions happen when individual team members share stories of near miss events or accidents that happened sometime during their career.  Please have a team talk about personal experiences. Have a great Week!

Lets talk Housekeeping

Picture your construction site in your mind. Construction sites can be busy and hectic with many workers and multiple contractors carrying on different yet simultaneous operations. What would happen if these groups never cleaned up after themselves? Trash and debris would pile up to become one large hazardous obstacle course. Imagine how difficult it would …

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