At Berg, we work with unfinished material, power tools, knives, and many other sharp edges. Without the use of our hands, not only are we limited in our effectiveness at work, but other parts of life can be impacted as well. In order to safeguard our employees, we provide gloves to prevent many of the common injuries that workers experience. All employees must wear company provided gloves while on the jobsite and any employees handling steel need to wear cut resistant gloves with a rating of 3 or higher. Wear gloves that fit correctly and be sure to replace them when they are damaged. If you notice that your site’s supply of gloves is running low, please notify your foreman so they can get more. If you have any questions about this policy, ask your foreman or safety coordinator.

The American National Standards Institute outlines the durability ratings for gloves. We have identified that ANSI cut level 3 gloves are most appropriate for our job sites. ANSI Cut Level 3 gloves provide good durability and cut resistance while still allowing for good dexterity. Below is a picture of an ANSI Cut Level 3 glove. When selecting your gloves, be sure to look for the ATSM ANSI Cut Level 3 symbol.