Each day we come to work and put our time in and go home.  We often become complacent and forget that our jobs can be dangerous.  Being safe and complacent, do not go hand in hand.  Its our job to remain sharp and focused while working and to identify potential hazards that may cause incidents or injuries to ourselves or co-workers.  Remember, stop, and think before you begin each task.  Plan, set yourselves up for success and not for an injury.  Follow these few quick steps below prior to beginning a task:

  1. Identify what hazards you see, no matter how trivial they may seem.
    1. Is the load to heavy?
    2. Are there cords or other items in my way?
    3. Do I need Fall protection?
    4. Do I need a face shield?
  2. Identify other trades working around you and ask the question “Can I safely work around them?”
    1. Can I come back?
    2. Can I coordinate my time with them?
    3. Do I need to contact my Foremen?
  3. Identify how to abate the hazards you identified by asking yourself “Do I have the right training, equipment and or material?”
    1. Do I need additional tools?
    2. Do I need another person?
    3. Can I handle this amount of weight safely?
    4. Do I need a barrier system or flagger?
    5. Do I need assistance from Safety personnel?

Remember Safety Starts with You! Thank you for your hard work!